Small Business Book Club

A podcast of live teleconference calls and author-interviews of business management and related books to help Small Business owners discuss doing business…better.

What is Small Business Book Club?

Small Business Book Club (or, “SMBBC”) is a monthly, facilitated book discussion (not a workshop or presentation) on a variety of small business topics (management, marketing (which includes advertising, sales, branding & corporate identity, public relations and referral network marketing), human resources, accounting & finance, technology & the Web, facilities, customer service, legal & regulatory affairs, corporate responsibility, and sustainability initiatives). We are currently reading through the Top 100 Business Books of All Time. In between those book discussions we have interviews with authors of business management and related books.

When/Where Does Small Business Book Club Meet?

Small Business Book Club “meets” once per month to record our live discussion among the Small Business Experts. No traffic or travel costs! Then, we release the recorded conversations via podcasts to iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music Podcasts, and more; this allows you to subscribe and have it automatically downloaded to your phone or computer. You can also visit our Discussions page to listen to episodes there.

How Much Does It Cost?

In a word, nothing. Well, virtually nothing. You need to spend the time to listen to the discussions and interviews, and if you want to implement the materials we discuss, you’ll probably want to purchase the book (this is a library of the books we have read) and read it.