Become a Small Business Expert

So, you’re interested in becoming a Small Business Expert, eh? Well, it’s tough but simple!

Join the elite Small Business Expert panel discussion for each of the books we discuss monthly and podcast for the Small Business community across the nation.


  1. Read 12 books per year and join the discussion calls.
  2. Create one to two audio book reviews or local author interviews per year.
  3. Join and engage in the Small Business Book Club online community.
  4. Share episodes to your communities and audiences, as appropriate.


“Eighty percent of success is showing up.”
— Woody Allen.

Or, as DonkeyHotey notes,

No technical effort on your part whatsoever.  You read and show up and represent yourself by providing best thoughts and value in the book discussions. For satisfying your requirements, we will:

  • record and podcast each Small Business Book Club discussion.
  • display/list you on our Small Business Experts page.
  • syndicate podcast episodes to Small Business Book Club, Small Business Blog/Podcast Network, and W3 Consulting’s Social Media channels, as appropriate.
  • promote/refer to Small Business Experts via Social Media, as opportunities arise.
  • we will tweet (post) on Twitter pull-quotations from book discussions, as opportunities arise.
  • give you the opportunity to be interviewed for Small Business Book Club twice annually regarding a topic where you have a business specialty.
    (All promotion is subject to our discretion and the directories, search engines, websites, and other platforms to which we will be posting. On a regular basis, we will invite our Small Business Experts to provide feedback with new ways that we might be able to make our benefits even better!)

After reading the above, if you’re interested in starting the process of joining the Small Business Book Club’s Small Business Experts, start here.